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A person’s aura can intimate quite a bit of information regarding their mood, health, magical aptitude, and overall metaphysical condition---the trick is interpreting it. Although interpreting an aura is initially a difficult thing to do, it gradually gets easier (as individuals’ are increasingly familiar) and Sam can sometimes glean a good amount of information from a ‘rough read’ on someone who’s new to her.

What’ll this generally turn up? Mood and health, in the most basic broad strokes. It’s worth noting that while Sam has an advantage identifying someone’s mood through their aura, she has nothing to help her figure out why they feel that way. Even if a liar is wracked with guilt over telling an untruth, for example, all she’s got is ‘there’s guilt for something there’. And that's if I roll well. It’s also worth noting that while she has a good chance of identifying the area affected by an injury or an illness, anything beyond that is iffy. (If it’s relevant, I’m thinking I’ll roll to determine how informative an assessment is. The very best results would provide an idea of the nature of the damage done---an injury, an infection, chemical exposure---and an idea of the severity, but ‘the very best results’ are unlikely.)

If it seems like it could strongly affect a thread, I’ll PM you so we can hash out some specifics.

ETA: Once you've commented on this post---and if it's cool with you---I'll roll to determine how clear the rough read of your character actually is. Roll results will fall into the categories of 'strong success,' 'weak success,' and 'failure,' which pan out as 'main emotion at the time, with a good guess at one or two background feelings,' 'main emotion at the time,' and 'well, that sure is something, but I don't know what.' If you'd like to cap roll results, or if you think your character would be an easy read, please feel free to say so!

And about magical aptitude…? This is something I really wanted to address in this post. While Sam can recognize people who use the same sort of magic she uses, she isn’t familiar with anything else. If you’d like something unusual to show in your characters’ aura to hint at their abilities, just let me know.

Could I have some context for aura appearances? Sure thing! As far as Sam’s concerned, auras look like something between the coronas that appear in kirilian photography and strands of steam coming off of people. Adepts are distinguished by what looks like a flame kind of on, kind of in their foreheads. The stronger the sorcerer, the brighter the flame.

Last but not least, a note on robots and constructs. Mechanoids and other inorganic entities have auras which are very like anyone else’s in terms of emotional indicators, but their auras do not reflect their physical health the way organics’ auras do, even if pain flags the same way.

Between Beast Wars, its aftermath, and the multiple mentions of bio-mechanical parts in Transformers Prime, Cybertronians have settled into a sort of grey zone, but what they show will take some time to really recognize.

Magically animated constructs show a ‘stamp’ of the animating magic unless there's some enchantment arranged to obscure it, and, if sapient, also show emotional auras.

One footnote: Auras aren't visible in videos or pictures---they've got to be live, though they do appear in reflections.

Another footnote: Wiped everything but top comments Sept.21 to begin including 'first read' rolls.

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Reminds me of a House Rule when I was in my Savage Worlds group; if you had a critical failure and refused the chance to reroll, you could get a bonus if you gave it a spectacular description (which usually either resulted in us cracking up laughing from slapstick shenanigans, or, once in a while, go "OH NOOOOOOOO" from the drama)


If you want to go to the 8-ball I SURE AS HECK AIN'T SAYIN NO- but if you want to assume that he's so clamped down/shut tight (so to speak) it interferes with his projection that actually works fairly well? Insomuch as he's been making an active attempt to get a hold of his feels so that he doesn't cause as many effects on the world around him. (Because bottling that shit up is always a good idea.)
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"Well guess what, HE JUST DID." (Alt; "He sneezed.")

With him having to go through a good part of his life trying to portray one thing and hide his thoughts on others - more out of politics than any sort of cloak and dagger thing - I guess it fits that he's now just an unreadable sumglitch aura wise. And whatever other factors are in play.

Maybe if they get to know each other she'll learn what tells he has, aurawise; it may be similar how I write him in body language, he's closed off 99% of the time but once you get to know him you *can* read him, it just takes basically learning another (set of body) language.


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